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Monsanto GMO Corn is toxic

ImageMonsanto has released its first direct to consumer genetically modified product, a sweet corn containing Bt toxin.  This toxin is designed to rupture the stomach of any insect that eats it.  It’s Monsanto’s way of protecting the corn from insects.  It’s cheaper than spraying poisonous insecticides on the plants and adds to Monsanto’s bottom line, the only thing that is important to the corporation — profit.

Monsanto claims that the toxin will break down before it makes it to the consumer, but now we are learning the rats who eat the modified corn are developing organ failure and the toxin is already showing up in pregnant women.

When will the madness end?  We continue to let corporation put profit above consumer safety and the FDA allows it.  It’s time we stand up to this nonsense and not buy only organic corn.  Let’s hit Monsanto where it hurts – their bottom line.


New Year’s Resolutions

For a healthier 2013, resolve to:

  • Read all labels and not buy anything with toxic ingredients or names we can’t pronounce.
  • Replace our household items one at a time with non-toxic replacements.
  • Buy organic food whenever we can.
  • Never buy nor consume anything with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats.
  • Only buy grass fed, organic beef; wild caught fish; and organic, free range poultry and eggs.
  • Never trust the FDA to protect us and to do what is right for the public instead of the corporations.