About Lollie & Tom


Lollie and Tom Christner-Severin have been on a journey to wellness for many years and have made numerous discoveries about just how toxic our environment and food supply have become.  As they learned, they felt that they should publish their findings in a book so people can learn what they have learned.  The result is Young and Healthy At Any Age available through their website and Amazon.com.

After they published their book they continued to research and learn more about how to avoid toxins in their lives.  That led them to discover Ava Anderson Non Toxic.  They are now consultants and are pleased to offer their many non-toxic products to the public.

Their mission is to make the world a healthier and better place for people by sharing with them the principles of healthy living and the means to achieve it.  They do this by compassionately reaching out to people, either individually or in groups.  This blog is a natural extension of their efforts.


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