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Where to eat while traveling


Trying to eat a healthy diet is difficult when traveling.  There are so many places to eat, from the local diner to the five-star restaurant.  Are they safe?  Do they offer organic food?  How about wild caught fish or grass fed beef?  Do they cook in house from raw ingredients or do they import prepared sauces, etc. from a central supplier? 

If you have food allergies or sensitivities or just don’t want to assault your body with additives, hormones and toxins, the decision of where to eat can be daunting.

We have found that the Internet is great place to start when planning a trip or even while away from home and looking for a place to eat.  We search on terms like, “organic restaurant Half Moon Bay” or “grass fed beef in Napa” and see what comes up.  We find a list of restaurants and shops that supply what we are after.  We also find a list of places that don’t offer healthy, clean food, but because of their website keywords, still pop up in our browser.  Paid advertisers also pop up often.  These we ignore and try to select legitimate places.  Then we pick up the phone and call.  It takes a little effort, but it saves us a lot of grief.

Our recent trip to Half Moon Bay in California is a good example.  We searched and found a place called Pasta Moon on Main Street.  We checked their website, to see their menus and read about their products and service.  Next we picked up the phone to talk with them and make a reservation. 

We were delighted with Pasta Moon.  We had a great dinner on Wednesday evening and learned even more about the restaurant’s philosophy toward organic, healthy eating from our service, Steve.  Steve was friendly and knowledgeable about Pasta Moon and was obviously proud of his employer.  The restaurant buys their produce daily from local growers and their seafood from local fishermen.  Everything is made fresh in house from their pasta to their breads.  The menu choices depend on what’s fresh.  It was so tasty and wholesome; we went back the next day for lunch.

There are many places like Pasta Moon all over the country.  It may take a little effort to find them, but the benefit to your health and well-being is well worth it. 



There are over 600,000 packaged foods available in America today.  Most – about 80% – contain some form of sugar, the worst of which is high fructose corn syrup.  The corporations know that sugar can be addictive to many and habit forming to others and that is why sugar is so prevalent.  It makes you want more so you buy more and the corporate profits go up.  It’s that simple.  You can read more at

What can you do to protect yourself and your family?  Avoid packaged foods.  Don’t drink soda or packaged juice.  Limit desserts to once a week or less.  And, most importantly, eat real food – the closer to its natural state the better.  Real food doesn’t need a label outlining its contents.  If you’re reading a lot of labels, you’re probably buying too much pseudo-food.

A new book just published, Fat Chance, by Dr. Robert Lustig, explains the role of sugar in today’s diet and its contribution to the obesity epidemic.


Scented Candles

candlesLike so many others, we enjoy burning scented candles in our home.  They add to the ambience, are romantic and they smell nice.  That is until we received this link from a friend about paraffin, petroleum based scents and metallic wicks.  We immediately checked our candles and found that they are vegetable wax and non-metallic wicks.  Whew!  We suggest you read the article so you can understand another way that toxins can invade your space and make you ill.  Ava Anderson Non-Toxic offers a great selection of non-toxic candles.

New Year’s Resolutions

For a healthier 2013, resolve to:

  • Read all labels and not buy anything with toxic ingredients or names we can’t pronounce.
  • Replace our household items one at a time with non-toxic replacements.
  • Buy organic food whenever we can.
  • Never buy nor consume anything with high fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated fats.
  • Only buy grass fed, organic beef; wild caught fish; and organic, free range poultry and eggs.
  • Never trust the FDA to protect us and to do what is right for the public instead of the corporations.